If anything I’ve probably put on a couple of kilos

AIM: To understand and practise if anything.

INTRODUCTION:  In the back pain case, there is the following exchange.

Doctor: Have you lost any weight?

Patient: No, if anything I’ve probably put on a couple of kilos.

The phrase if anything has the meaning in fact, on the contrary. We can use it to correct an assumption.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Use the words provided below to make a full sentence (prompt or response). Keep the verb form (tense) in your sentence the same as in the complete sentence already given. Say your part aloud, then listen to the recording to check.

Example   Doctor to patient: Have you lost any weight? I / probably / put on / a couple of kilos Play

Doctor to patient:

1 you / feel / particularly low / before the accident?                                               

     No, if anything I was feeling more positive about things. Play

2.  you / have problems / getting to sleep / at night?                                         

     No, if anything I’ve been falling asleep more easily. Play

3 it / be difficult for you / to exercise / when your kids are on holiday?              

      Well, if anything it’ll be easier – they love going to the swimming pool. Play

4.  you / drink / any less than usual / over the last few weeks?                            

     Well, if anything I’ve been going a bit harder recently. Play

Patient to doctor:

5.  The baby’ll start putting on weight as soon as he’s born, won’t he?            

      he / lose / a little bit of weight / first Play

6.  Do you think the new medicine might give me more energy, doctor?           

      it / make / you feel / even more tired / in the short term Play

7.  Having such a wide range of drugs available makes it easy to find something that will help.                       

      the variety / just / confuse / people / in my opinion Play

8.  The plaster cast’ll come off in under a month, won’t it, doc?                           

      it / take / more like six weeks Play


FOLLOW-UP: Listen out for other people using this expression and note the context.