AIM: To practise using signposting phrases to break up and organise a list of questions.

INTRODUCTION: Using signposting in a medical interview allows the doctor to explain the direction they want to take the consultation in, and what they hope to achieve. This reduces patient uncertainty, allowing them to concentrate and contribute more effectively. It is particularly useful to use signposting when moving between the different sections of the consultation.  

INSTRUCTIONS: Look at this sequence of a doctor's questions and statements from a consultation (the patient’s responses have been removed). Where does the topic change? What signposting phrases could you at add these points?

How can I help you today?

When did it start?

Have you ever had it before?

Where do you work? 

How old are you?

How are things at home? 

Are you in a relationship?

Are you sexually active?

Do you smoke? 

Do you drink?

Do you take any recreational drugs?

Are you on any medication?

Do you have any allergies?

Does anyone in your family have any serious illnesses? 

How is this affecting your life?

Do you have any other concerns?

Please get undressed behind that curtain.

We’ll run some tests.




FOLLOW-UP: Practise saying this text using different signposting strategies.