Being an effective doctor requires more than just good medical knowledge. Being able to communicate well with patients is an important issue for all health care providers. Improving clinical communication leads to more effective consultations for both doctor and patient, with better outcomes in terms of accuracy, efficiency and supportiveness.  

This multimedia web resource has been created in response to the needs of international medical graduates from non-English speaking backgrounds who often face challenges in the area of language and communication in clinical situations.

The Doctors Speak Up resource was funded by a 2010 Victorian Department of Health Developing Organisational Capacity project grant.


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Dr Robyn Woodward-Kron, Dr Eleanor Flynn, Ms Cathy Bow, Mr John Pill, Dr Catriona Fraser, Dr Mary Stevens, Ms Liz Pryor, Ms Olga Maxwell, all from the Medical Education Unit, The University of Melbourne.

With advice and support from:        Dr Sean Fabri, Western Health, and the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria.

                                                       Carol Jordon and Kylie Nichols, Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria.

                                                       Dr Beth Zielinski, Macquarie University.

                                                       Dr Roger Coates, Goulburn Valley Health.


The CALIBRE project team would like to thank the following people for participating in this project.


Alcohol: Grace Lee, Mick Preston

Depression: Dr Sachin Jindal, Luke D'Emanuele

Back pain: Dr Ali Tafreshi, Elizabeth Semmel

Sexual history: Dr Devini Ameratunga, Samantha Greenwood


Margo Collins, University of Melbourne


Digital Media Services, University of Melbourne


Gavin Nebauer, Horwood Recording Studio, University of Melbourne


Chris Hanger, Stibbo


Sanny Veloo, Mokshaweb