AIM:  To practise forming indirect questions.

INTRODUCTION:  Indirect questions can be used for politeness, as they can sound less intrusive. The grammar of these questions can be quite complex and it is important to form them correctly.  For a more detailed introduction, go to the Direct and indirect questions activity.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Here are some situations in which you could use indirect questions. Read the situation and then think of what you would say next. (There may be other possible ways to respond than the recorded version.)

  1. A patient attends your clinic for the first time.
    which doctor/you/usually/see? Play
  2. You are checking a patient’s eyesight. You point to the clock on the wall.
    what time/now? Play
  3. A patient complains he hasn’t been sleeping well. The weather has been very hot for a week.
    hot weather/affect/your sleep? Play
  4. A patient attends your clinic for the first time.
    how old/you? Play
  5. A patient reports his current symptoms. He was ill recently as well.
    you/have/the same symptoms/last time you were ill? Play
  6. A patient with mobility problems is leaving your surgery. She seems to be on her own.
    how/you/get home? Play