AIM: To match the alcohol-related terms to their meanings.

INTRODUCTION: The Australian language includes many rich and descriptive terms for alcohol, the meanings of which may not be easy to understand. This activity will help you match the meanings to the informal terms.

INSTRUCTIONS: Drag and drop the words from the box below so they match the corresponding definitions.

Half a dozen bottles or cans of beer
A carton of 24 cans or bottles of beer
A beverage such as cola, juice, or soda water that can be combined with liquor to produce a mixed drink
A small serve of spirits
A short glass bottle for beer (330 - 375 ml)
A non-alcoholic cocktail
A small barrel, usually holding 20 - 40 litres (often beer)
Undiluted distilled alcohol
Cheap, unbranded wine
A cardboard box with plastic lining and a small tap, used to hold and serve wine
Champagne or sparkling wine
A pre-mixed alcoholic drink
Low in alcohol content
Wine (usually cheap and/or poor quality)

Please answer every question before continuing.

FOLLOW-UP: You can keep adding new items to this list – keep track by writing down words and their meanings as you hear them. Download and add to this list as you come across new items.

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